Mobile hydraulics

The term mobile/automotive hydraulics describes the complete hydraulic system installed in Off Highway Machinery .

The term can be divided into six sub-areas.

  • Axial piston machines
  • External-gear machines
  • Radial-piston motors
  • Mobile controls
  • Transmissions
  • Mobile electronics

Mobile hydraulics are characterized by the high power density and compactness of the individual components. They are used in machines and vehicles whose space conditions do not allow the use of large and heavy components, but in which power and safety are essential.

Such machines include

  • excavators,
  • cranes,
  • agricultural machines and
  • rollers.

Machines are used in harbors, dockyards, factories, airports, on roads, construction sites, underground, in stone quarries, forests, in fields and on oil rigs. Mobile hydraulic systems help to lift heavy items and position them precisely. Controlled by our proportional pressure reducing valves. Light, compact, efficient and with low hysteresis.

Our specially developed Electronic Control Unit (ECU) enables optimal control of our hydraulic valves. The modular design allows quick and easy adaptation of the system to specific applications, so that a complete, highly developed electro-hydraulic pilot-control system including joystick can be supplied.


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Proportional pressure reducing valve (Standard)
Proportional pressure reducing valve (New Generation)
Proportional pressure reducing valve (High Flow)

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