Efficient organizational structure

Thomas’ various operating divisions are based on specific markets and customer systems. This structure allows us to concentrate our product and market-specific expertise where it is needed and to manage projects professionally and efficiently. It also has considerable strategic benefits when it comes to gearing our business to new markets and technologies.

Dietrich Thomas has led the company since 1982 and is Chairman of the Management Board. His main areas of responsibility include Finance, Human Resources, IT, Corporate Strategy, and Business Development.
Markus Krauss joined the Management Board in 2003. His role covers Technology, Product and Process Development, and Supply Chain Management & Operations.

Thomas invests a substantial part of its revenue in research and development in order to drive ongoing product and process optimization and offer its customers outstanding quality and product utility. The company’s success depends crucially on the interplay between its corporate strategy and its technology strategy. We focus consistently on our workforce and on the company’s future. The Management Board places great importance on the sustainable development of Thomas as a family-run company that fully accepts its duty of care. Our partners and employees can always be certain that the decisions and actions taken by the company are based on our corporate values of honesty, courage, and helpfulness.