Development Philosophy

Shaping the future with a pioneering spirit

We invest about 10 percent of our revenue every year in research and development, i.e., in the latest technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and ongoing professional development of our staff. We view close collaboration with various institutions such as universities and independent research institutes as a synergetic source for the development of our products.

We look beyond our own horizons, for it is not just about completing the current project or processing the latest customer order. Instead, we see it as our role and our strength to offer customers added value that goes beyond any agreed specification manual. By the same token, that can only work if we keep observing other developments and are proactive about shaping the future.

That combination of ongoing professional development, expansion and optimization of our development tools, and consistent use of suitable QA tools and software for design, simulation, and risk management is what enables us to offer our customers the maximum possible value.