Jürgen Heck has been head of our Engine Management division since April 2015

“We’re all in it together”

“I’m really motivated by the idea that we’re all in it together. I started at Thomas in April 2015. Right from my very first projects I enjoyed the full support of my colleagues and felt motivated by them. That’s a decisive factor for me in my current role as a Divisional Manager and it’s instrumental in the success of the department. I report directly to the Management Board and I’m responsible for all Engine Management activities. Everything in fact, from purchasing, organization, and sales through to the design and development of the production lines, falls under my area of responsibility. In addition, my job also involves setting the strategic direction of the department in consultation with the Management Board. When you’re dealing with such a wide variety of issues, having a dynamic and highly qualified team like ours – one that you can rely upon and with whom you’re able to discuss issues constructively – is the best basis for successful cooperation.