Lukas Mitterfellner, Design Engineer - Medical Devices

A new direction: medical device engineering at Thomas

“I enjoy working as a Design Engineer at Thomas. On my very first project, I had the chance to develop the first medical pump in the field of medical devices research. Since we started with a blank page, as they say, I was able to design and improve something new from the outset. We are constantly in a process of evolution, learning all the time. That’s what makes the job of a design engineer so absorbing. Even when I was reading for my Master’s in the area of exhaust gas, energy, and thermal management, I was impressed by the culture of open communication at Thomas – you are actively encouraged to ask questions and familiarize yourself with new topics. You don’t pick up everything straight away, especially at the start, but everyone is extremely understanding about the learning process. You are allowed to be human at Thomas – that is what you sense in your everyday dealings with people.”