Analytical lab

In our analytical laboratory we conduct residual contamination and material analyses as well as metallographic testing of particles and components using a wide range of techniques and equipment. These include: digital microscopy, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, particle extraction, particle counting, particle determination, creation of micro-sections, and ultrasonic cleaning.

  • Residual contamination
    Checking the cleanliness of components as per VDA Volume 19 and ISO 16232
  • Material analysis
    Determining the chemical make-up and fractography of fracture surfaces
  • Component analysis
    Investigating material weaknesses, structures, cracks, and cavities using computer tomography
  • Metallographic testing
    Cold mounting, grinding, polishing and corrosion of samples, assessment of fracture surfaces
  • Material analysis
    Hardness testing, tensile and compressive tests, density and residual moisture determination