DIN EN ISO 13485 certification for medical devices

Many of our products are designed to enhance the experience of driving by reducing energy consumption, improving performance and ensuring the safety of the vehicle’s occupants. It is not only vehicles that fascinate us, however. We also want to help improve the health and well-being of our fellow humans. Thomas' exclusive dosage system for enteral feeding is both inimitable and unique. It was specifically developed to be “simple, safe and precise”. Our customers, including patients, their families, carers and doctors, can all testify to that. Our philosophy is just the same – to make products that work better while enhancing the quality of life and the safety of our customers. Our products meet the requirements of ISO 13485 (Quality Management Systems for Medical Devices) for the “Design and development, production and distribution of non-implantable medical pumps (feeding units)”. This accreditation provides further recognition of our commitment to quality and of the individual contributions made in this respect by all Thomas employees. Quality cannot be described in any number of words. It has to be experienced. You can rely on Thomas to make that happen. Our DIN EN ISO 13485 certificate can be downloaded from the website (together with all our other individual production site certificates) under the heading Service.