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stronger together in Dresden – Thomas and the TUD

Yet another milestone was reached in the development of the new Technology Laboratory in Dresden (the TLD) when, on 30 May, the Institute for Fluid Technology (IFD) of the Technische Universität Dresden signed a framework agreement with Thomas. The IFD is responsible for teaching and research in the field of fluid-mechatronic systems technology at the university. The aim is to enhance cooperation on applied research related to future products for the automotive sector, for mobile machinery and for new markets.
“By cooperating on this project, we hope to be able to detect technology trends early on. This will enable us to improve our ability to innovate within the company,” explained CEO Markus Krauss, as the agreement was signed in Dresden. “We intend to proactively share our expertise at regular meetings between Thomas and IFD,” added Jürgen Schonlau. The TLD is also gaining the ability to undertake experimental studies at the Institute. In addition, however, Thomas is also eager to support the education of future employees by means of teaching materials, excursions to its Herdorf plant, the provision of lectures and by arranging student projects.

Key responsibilities of the TLD include technology scouting, for instance in the specialist fields of electromagnetics, materials technology, valve and pump technology, as well as the development of system concepts, for example with regard to electromechanical actuators. These activities will also involve experiments and simulations on the technologies concerned. As well as enhancing its collaboration with local research institutes and gaining funding for new research projects, the Dresden operation will increase Thomas’s ability to innovate by attracting qualified staff.