Company Policy

Policy on quality, occupational safety, the environment, energy, and information security

The top quality of our products is the basis of our success in business. This calls for compliance with and the monitoring of defined quality standards and processes as well as precise coordination of our delivery promises with the wishes and specifications of our customers. For us, quality is not only about meeting the needs of clients as effectively as possible, but also exceeding those needs.

Our aim is to generate, enhance, and secure customer satisfaction for the long term while guaranteeing the security of information and personal data. With this in mind, we regularly review our actions and pinpoint possible room for improvement.

As a responsible business, we are obliged to conserve resources and protect the environment. This means integrating extensive occupational health and safety measures into our operational processes.

In keeping with specific customer requirements, we make sure our products are as small, lightweight, efficient, and economical as possible through the minimal use of materials and resource-efficient processes. In the fields of environmental protection and energy efficiency, we are setting ourselves ambitious targets so that future generations can enjoy the full diversity of our world.

By monitoring general environmental consequences – from initial draft designs to the disposal of our products – we actively protect the environment. In this way we help to minimize our environmental impact.

We are duty bound to keep on improving our occupational safety, energy, and environmental performance as well as our information security. To achieve our goals, we make available the necessary information and resources and support the procurement of safe, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly products and services.

By inspecting and maintaining our infrastructure along with plant and machinery in regular cycles, we also establish a basis for circumventing dangers, risks, and interruptions to operational processes.

Our employees are fundamental to our success. We seek to uphold and nurture their health, performance, and motivation by putting in place the requisite corporate structures.
We are obliged to prevent injuries and illness by providing a safe and healthy working environment. For this reason we identify hazards and risks before defining and implementing suitable measures to remedy and minimize these; the necessary resources are provided for this purpose.

Awareness allied with a target-focused, safety-conscious approach on the part of every employee serves to improve our products and processes steadily while keeping our environment viable, assuring safety at work through pertinent information, and continually enhancing quality. With this in mind, we offer regular training so that our employees and their representatives are suitably qualified and involved.

We also incorporate suppliers by defining standards and providing information in our management systems.

Needless to say, we observe legal regulations, normative standards, customer requirements, information security provisions, and other obligations, taking the expectations of interested parties into account while continually optimizing our management systems.

This policy is binding on all staff members working for and with Thomas.