Burker Technology has extensive experience in distributing the hydraulic products of a European partner. It practices its motto of ‘trust, respect and profit’, a corporate ethos that is very important to Thomas.

JinXu manufactures instrument panels and develops its own electronic assembly kits and control units for automotive and mobile machines. The company’s expertise in control units and the electronic operation of valves is highly beneficial in terms of the distribution effort.

SVAB – Thomas has been collaborating with SVAB as a distributor for Sweden since 2014. SVAB is a highly established developer and supplier of user-friendly machine control systems in Sweden; it is especially well known for outstanding quality in the areas of machine control units and hydraulics. SVAB recently took responsibility for distributing Thomas products in Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania as well as Sweden.

Points of contact Distributors

Name Description E-mail Phone
Burker Technology Product Distribution
in China
send E-mail +86 21 3868 6886815
Zhejiang JinXu Automotive Instrument Co., Ltd Product Distribution
in China
send E-mail + 86 575 88400758
SVAB Hydraulik AB Product Distribution
in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland,
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
send E-mail +46 582 152 30