Points of contact


Name Description E-mail Phone
Wolfgang Irmiter Director Purchasing
Commodities: coil systems
+49 2744 929-266
Patrick Meyer Commodities: turned parts and
valve components, manifolds
+49 2744 929-262
Timo Heinzel Commodities: bearings,
balls, filter, screws, labels,
plastic parts, plastic raw material,
surface treatment
René Carsten Mattern Commodities: stamping parts,
deep drawn parts, sintering parts,
electronics, die casting parts
+49 2744 929-258
Sven Reinschmidt commodities: rubber parts,
machinery & equipment,
construction works,
non production material, services
+49 2744 929-222
Katja Steinert commodities:
non production material,
services, packaging, marketing
+49 2744 929-267
Michael Kourgialis Director
Supplier Development
+49 2744 929-261

Purchasing International

Name Description E-mail Phone
Rebecca Fay Purchasing Asia, Quality +86
Crystal Sun Suppliers Development Asia,