Streamlined, flexible and high-frequency service

Working closely with Procurement, Warehousing, Production Line Supply, Dispatch, and Scheduling, our Logistics team is responsible for the smooth flow of materials and information through the entire value creation chain. As well as ensuring that materials are readily available so that Production can be supplied with precisely what it needs, this task also involves the ability to deliver goods in line with customers’ requirements as regards punctuality, quality, and cost. By setting and developing binding standards in these areas, Thomas is helping to enhance the quality and efficiency of overall logistical operations.

The guiding motto for our logistics chain is “streamlined, flexible, and high-frequency.” In order to extend our logistics capacities for the future, it is vital to optimize the flow of materials and information on an ongoing basis. Lower processing times guarantee a faster service to our clients. In addition, the fact that Thomas develops long-term partnerships between its vendors and its Purchasing and Quality departments also guarantees a solid basis for our cooperation on new projects in the future.