Technical Cleanliness

Maximum product cleanliness

Only products that are technically clean are guaranteed to function properly in the long term. This is why Thomas has developed a special cleanliness “toolbox” to ensure a reliable level of cleanliness in the production process. The tool allows us to adapt our components and product development processes to satisfy the cleanliness specifications of our customers, resulting in a technically clean and cost-effective product.

Typical measures to meet cleanliness specifications include, for example, overpressure in the production facilities to prevent particles in the air, cleanroom air showers for personnel, a ban on the use of Euro-pallets and wood, closed doors and windows, and sticky (dirt grabbing) mats at the thresholds to doors and gates. Our cleanliness standards are also at the core of our production process and must also be implemented at the plants operated by our sub-suppliers. A key area of focus for Thomas is to actively improve the production process with the aid of the above-mentioned cleanliness toolbox and by monitoring product cleanliness.