Thomas Process Technology

Digital processes for best-in-class results

Our refined Thomas Process Technology model (patent pending) represents our step into the future as part of the “Industry 4.0” process, which is aimed at digitizing the economy. For our Production team this involves ensuring that our manufacturing processes are optimally networked, on the basis of state-of-the-art information and communications technology. The result: customized, value-for-money, but nevertheless high-quality products.

Thomas Process Technology offers our clients specific benefits by enabling orders to be processed in a highly flexible way, ensuring optimal utilization of resources, and keeping production costs as low as possible while still achieving maximum quality.

With this modular production system we are able to produce all product variants in a rapid and flexible way – including the full product range from our “Thomas Design Standard” assembly kit system. By networking our Logistics, Production, Quality Assurance, and Order Management activities, we are making our entire production processes transparent and visually accessible at all times.