Dominik Arndt

#Understanding the client

Listening is not necessarily understanding. Perceiving the wishes and expectations of the other party calls for a keen instinct. Dominik Arndt also realizes the importance of devoting time to dialogue – an attitude that has made him a trusted partner to our clients for many years.

am Dominik Arndt, 38 years old, I live in Herdorf and I have been with Thomas since 2015. I was also a student employee at the company between 2001 and 2006.
Thomas specialist for:Sales for the mobile hydraulics area
Most important work tool:My laptop and my phone
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:Exceptional
The perfect working day starts with:A good breakfast to start an interesting day in the office or at a client company
My three best features:Helpful, empathic, and constructive
In my free time:I enjoy travel and photography, and I am a keen mountain biker
I like working at Thomas because:I like working independently and I really appreciate the close contact with my clients