Greta Kipping


Greta is a bundle of energy, both at work and at play. The track and field athlete is always on top form, whether she is negotiating hurdles in sales, procurement or on the track. On her pathway from working student to sales engineer she has cleared every hurdle at Thomas with flying colors …

Greta Kipping, 30 years old, live in Herdorf and have been working at Thomas for 7 1/2 years.
Thomas specialist for:Technical Sales Car Segment (Automotive Sales Engineer)
Most important work tool:my phone and my laptop
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:innovative
The perfect working day starts with:a light-hearted chat among co-workers, ideally with a cup of coffee
My three best features:humorous, sporty, spontaneous
In my free time:I do a lot of sport, preferably track and field athletics, and I belong to a dance troupe. I am also a coach at our local track and field athletics club.
I like working at Thomas because: I have always felt very comfortable here since my time as a student intern. I have fantastic co-workers and every day is different.