Marek Schmidt


When Marek gets down to work, a Thomas product takes shape for the first time. He builds models and prototypes, an important stepping stone on the route from idea to production readiness.  Marek puts his manual skills to good use outside of work too – on his hobby farm …  

Marek Schmidt, 30 years old; I come from Neunkirchen-Struthütten and have been at Thomas for five and a half years.
Thomas specialist for:development and construction of models and prototypes in the Mobile Hydraulics BU
Most important work tool:my hands
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:generous
The perfect working day starts with:breakfast with the family, listening to music on the radio on the way to work and then a good cup of black coffee with one sugar
My three best features:helpful, determined and honest
In my free time:I like to be outdoors in the natural environment and I am an active member of a forest management cooperative. I am also a beekeeper.
I like working at Thomas because:my working day is very varied and I am constantly searching for ideas and solutions for new products, which is very exciting.