Martin Schmidt


Martin is on the road a lot, attending trade shows and conferences and visiting customers.  Wherever he goes, he takes the path less trodden. Because he is on a quest to find new trends in the automotive sector, with his Thomas expertise at the ready and a good ear for what the customer wants.

Martin Schmidt, 43 years old; I come from Neunkirchen and have been at Thomas for 16 years.
Thomas specialist for:new trends and innovative technologies in New Business Automotive
Most important work tool:my notebook
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:exemplary
The perfect working day starts with:good humored colleagues
My three best features:reliable, loyal, friendly
In my free time:I am involved in the Neunkirchen Volunteer Fire Service, I enjoy mountain biking or skiing and like to spend time with my family.
I like working at Thomas because:I really appreciate the interaction between our internal development and our customers’ project teams