Sascha Neumann


Sascha Neumann needs everything to be squeaky clean, inside and out. The analysis laboratory team leader uses cutting-edge technology to show up even the tiniest specks of dirt. In his private life, the mechanical engineer also enjoys a bit of detective work, for example when looking for faults under the bonnet of his car…       

Sascha Neumann, 31 years old; I come from Daaden and have been at Thomas for over three years
Thomas specialist for:the company’s in-house analysis lab
Most important work tool:the first coffee
If I had to describe Thomas in one word:dynamic
The perfect working day starts with:being able to focus on work without too many phone calls
My three best features:direct, spontaneous, open
In my free time:I enjoy motor sports and motor racing
I like working at Thomas because:I am able to work creatively here and have the opportunity to initiate new developments and projects.