Jürgen Meyer is a Foreman in our Exhaust Gas Management Unit

“I’ve been here for over 30 years ...”

“I have been at the company for more than 30 years and have worked in various departments. I started off in the drilling shop, as I could not find a job in my original apprenticed trade. The fact that I am a foreman today is due above all to the career development opportunities that I have always been offered here at Thomas. I was happy to take advantage of these opportunities and am very grateful for them. In my current job I am in charge of shift allocation and the leave schedule and I liaise with Logistics and Quality Assurance, so I am responsible for a lot of the operational aspects of production. I am very happy here. I have known a lot of my co-workers from the very beginning and have lived through the highs and lows at Thomas. Even during difficult times, Thomas has always done its utmost to retain its staff – that is something you can depend on.”