Thomas Baum is a Production Systems Engineer at the Company

“From uni to Thomas”

“My career path can be described in just a few words: from uni to Thomas. I first became aware of the company at a recruiting fair. Later, I applied to Thomas to do a student research project offered by my current boss Dr. Axel Müller, who is also a lecturer at the University of Siegen. Then, after undertaking an internship here I started my dissertation and already had the employment contract in my hand before I submitted it. I am now a production systems engineer, i.e., I am responsible for planning and building new production lines, including all areas of process development and optimization. Through the work I do I also have an input into product development, because we work closely together in teams and benefit from direct channels of communication. As a young professional, I really appreciate the confidence the company has shown in me and the way it has valued my technical skills from the very outset. The mutual respect shown at Thomas and its team spirit are outstanding.”