Engine Management

Proportional and on-off valves for variable pumps

Thomas valves for variable oil pumps are used largely in petrol engines. In 2015 we launched the serial production of the first valve of this kind that is also suitable for diesel engines. The valves control oil pump pressure to deliver oil to the engine according to speed and demand. This means that the oil pump can also work in an efficient and fuel-saving manner according to requirements, so there is no need for it to constantly run at high pressure.

Our valves come as proportional and on-off valves. On-off valves can be used in the engine interior or fixed to the outside of the engine. They are designed for flexible connector positions and for a long engine service life thanks to their relatively simple configuration. The proportional valves represent a cost-optimized and flexible modular solution, allowing us to accommodate specific customer requirements such as connector and flange position and hydraulic data. Our fully automated production line is capable of manufacturing millions of units.

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