Engine Management

Proportional solenoid for camshaft phaser

The solenoid opens the center valve of the camshaft phaser, i.e., the timing of the valve opening can be adjusted to the requirements of the drive train, making more efficient use of fuel. The sealing of our solenoid is unique within the market. In combination with the armature bearing it is designed to be extremely rugged. The results of endurance tests and feedback from customer test facilities show that no decline in performance is to be expected even in very highly contaminated oil. Moreover, this is all achieved with a cost-efficient modular design that is highly scalable.

For 12 years Thomas has been refining and producing the solenoid to the highest standard; it has proven effective in use millions of times worldwide. Thanks to the patented tool-less fixing system, we are also providing pioneering customized solutions whenever space is limited in the engine compartment.

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