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Exhaust Gas Management

Product accessories

To reduce the amount of assembly work to be done by our customers, we offer standardized holders tailored to our pumps. If necessary, special solutions can also be developed and tested to meet specific customer requirements. Thomas then supplies these along with the pump mounted as a sub-assembly. Suitable adapter sets are also provided for electrical contacting, saving our customers time and development work. Components and system integration from a single source ensure greater efficiency in the product development cycle.

Product innovation: Thomas control electronics

The new Thomas electronic control unit is a patented high-tech product [e.g., DE102014012307] that is unique on the market and was developed in collaboration with the Technical University of Dresden. Thanks to a self-learning algorithm, the intelligent Thomas control electronics can avoid the noise development that is typical of reciprocating pumps, without compromising functionality. The unit is also capable of compensating a large voltage range while maintaining highly accurate delivery.

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