Exhaust Gas Management

Pumps and valves for SCR systems

Exhaust gases from freight and passenger traffic have to be clean and free from pollutants. Regulations have been tightening for some years now in a bid to reduce the dangers to health. All the statutory requirements and efforts being made by vehicle manufacturers are geared toward, for instance, fine-tuning the combustion process inside an engine to such an extent that no pollutants are generated in the first place or, if they are, that they are filtered out again or converted into harmless substances by chemical means. Processes like this are known as exhaust-gas aftertreatment. Operating a system of this kind requires various components such as valves and pumps, which regulate, supply, or measure out the necessary media.

As a high-profile development partner and manufacturer of valves and pumps, including dosing, feed, and pressure-regulating pumps, Thomas integrates these components into the relevant systems, which are fitted in automobiles and commercial vehicles as well as being used in mobile off-road machinery, shipbuilding, and stationary mechanical engineering applications.

For many years now, Thomas has focused on supplying components for clean exhaust gases. The company is one of the pioneers in this field, particularly when it comes to developing and manufacturing parts for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems and for particulate filter regeneration. Thomas has extensive experience in supplying products for conveying and regulating fuel, additives, or aqueous solutions such as DEF (diesel exhaust fluid or AdBlue®).

Our customers value us as their sole supplier of high-performance products. Our support service during the product development and manufacturing stages has won numerous awards, as reflected in our high quality and unbeatable performance in supply and delivery. 

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