Thermal Management

Global market leader for linear metering pumps

The term thermal management refers to the control of all heat flows in the vehicle to make optimum use of the heat where it is needed and remove it wherever cooling is required. The aim is to optimize the entire vehicle energy balance to reduce fuel consumption and enhance the level of comfort in the vehicle interior. If not enough heat is available, e.g., when the engine is not running, then it has to be generated using what are known as auxiliary or block/parking heaters powered by fuel. Metering pumps deliver exactly the right amount of fuel. Thomas is the world’s leading manufacturer of piston metering pumps, which combine several functions in one product. This means that safety components such as shut-off valves, for example, are integrated directly into the metering pump. Almost 40 years of ongoing, pioneering development have made us a recognized partner and market leader in this area.

Our customers appreciate the excellent performance of the products we offer as a sole supplier. We have garnered several awards for the support we provide during product development and production. The high quality of our products and superlative delivery performance are further evidence of our achievements.

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