Thermal Management

Fuel pumps for block and auxiliary heaters

Thomas boasts over 40 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing dosing pumps for block and auxiliary heaters. The company began designing and making structurally separate drives for dosing pumps, which were then combined into a single product in the early 1980s. These dosing pumps supply the heater with just the right amount of fuel it needs to generate the desired level of heat, thus conserving resources and preventing any fuel from being wasted. They can be used in automobiles, camper vans, caravans, and commercial vehicles as well as in off-road vehicles and boat- and shipbuilding.

What makes us different from our competitors is the fact that we provide dosing pumps compatible with all fuel types available worldwide. Our reciprocating dosing pumps and diaphragm pumps are known for their sturdiness, which is down to our development expertise and manufacturing know-how. Our fuel dosing pumps are leak-free and can deliver an ultra-precise supply based on a set engine size or pumping volume. As compact, highly integrated units, our pumps also perform safety functions. For instance, they are fitted with shut-off valves, providing effective protection against unwanted fuel flows. One acts in the direction of flow and the other in the opposite direction, thus enabling secure two-way shut-off.

The specialized and patented design of our pumps allows them to operate with almost no noise emissions at all. We are happy to support our customers with our experience in system integration, which covers actuation, mechanical connections using suitable brackets, and laying wiring and hydraulic lines.

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