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The en­teral dos­ing pump of the fu­ture

Food is one of the basic human needs. If no or only insufficient amounts of food can be taken in naturally, medical devices such as enteral feeding pumps are used to perform the task instead. In addition to meeting high quality standards, they have to be user-friendly, safe, robust, and reliable.

Thomas has committed itself to the development of an enteral feeding pump as an innovative medical device. It brings together a flair for innovation, proven expertise, and suggestions put forward by users who work in close collaboration with Thomas during the R&D process. The aim is to create a modern product that lives up to our vision of "Fluid Control Solutions for a better Life: Healthy, Safe, and Comfortable."

Sil­via Krall­mann is avail­able for fur­ther ques­tions:

Silvia Krallmann

Product Manager
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