Advanced Engineering at Thomas

Ahead of Its Time: The Dresden Technology Lab

Technologies are growing increasingly complex and innovation cycles ever shorter. Anyone who wants to offer their customers solutions …


Eyes on the prize

Cost-conscious through simulation

The automotive industry is facing the challenge of tight development deadlines across the board coupled with market transformation. The …


Thomas at the IAA at Munich

The future of mobility: made by Thomas

On September 6, the IAA Mobility started in Munich. Thomas was also represented with its own booth. The company presented key …


Leading carmaker opts for TLM system from Thomas

Rugged and powerful:
The Thomas tank OBD module

The Thomas tank leakage module will soon take pride of place in many of the vehicles made by one of the world’s leading automotive …


Construction 4.0

A new Industrial Revolution?

The joint project “Bauen 4.0” symbolizes a new Industrial Revolution aimed at linking effective machinery with pioneering communication …


Field of competence: Electronics

SU Development Electronics rethinks customer systems

Thomas has a long tradition in actuator technology. However, this does not mean that the Herdorf-based company is resting on its …


Apprentices at Thomas

Apprentices at Thomas excel in their final exams

Today’s young talents will be tomorrow’s top experts. Thomas understood this from an early stage and is known regionally for its great …


Flashback 2018: Illustrious guests

Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Malu Dreyer

The management hosted Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender as well as the Minister President of …


Perspective 2025

Change lays the foundations

E-mobility, digitalization, networking, automation: megatrends that will shape the industrial world of tomorrow. Thomas picked up on …


Making the move to Asia

Keeping pace with the market

The Asian offshoot of the “bauma” trade show for construction machinery celebrated its debut back in 2002. Thomas took part quite early …


Electric company cars

Emission-free driving

Martin Zavelberg drives 120 kilometres a day in his electric car. As head of the Mobility Solutions customer unit at Thomas, his …


Electromechanical actuator goes into series production

Compelling precision

The electromechanical actuator, or EMA for short, is revolutionizing the task of controlling large agricultural machinery thanks to its …


Thomas develops innovative motor/pump unit

Innovative chassis technology

At high speeds, when driving off road, and when tackling bumpy road surfaces, many suspension systems encounter their limits – in the …


Expressed in a simple way:

Injection molding is like baking waffles

Plastics engineering at Thomas began in 2012, with its first-ever plastic overmolding of a coil as part of the ELUPS coil project. This …


Transparency down to the last detail

Focus on magnetic hysteresis

"I’m afraid we don’t any have precise information on that..." Such is the answer you might well get if you ask about the effect of a …


Proportional pressure control valve (PPCD05)

The future belongs to electro­hydraulics

Developments in the mobile hydraulics market show an increasing focus on aspects such as precision, fine control, configurable operator …