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Invitation: "Future now" at the 67th IAA Passenger Cars with Thomas

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On the Press Days of September, the 12th and 13th, as well as during the Trade Visitor Days on the 14th to 15th of September, Thomas invites you to visit the community stand of the VDA young entrepreneurs, Hall 4.1, Stand E41. Thomas presents actuators-based solutions for new vehicles with high levels of sensor, software and electronic elements.

The  question  that  Thomas  has  been  asking  itself,  not least since the emissions scandal, is therefore: “How can our actuators make vehicles fitted with the engines of the future safer, more efficient, and more sustainable?” Our principle can be summarized with the three words „sense, think, act“: A whole host of developments and products at Thomas are  already  kitted  out  with  smart  components  and the  work  being  done  to  expand  areas  like  electronics, sensor  systems,  and  plastics  technology  is  helping  to put  the  company  in  a  good  position.

In addition to presenting innovative products, visitors can also experience "sense, think, act" live on the test stand using a "black box":

Shapes must be sensed with a fingertip sensation and placed in a suitable counterform. Sensors then pass a signal to a computer that processes (think) if the fitting is successful. A message will then appear on the screen informing you of the game's progress (act). A small surprise awaits everyone who successfully solves the task of the black box.