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All employees and their families were invited to the „We are Thomas- Familyday“ on the 5th of May. About 2000 visitors enjoyed the multitude of activities in sunny weather: bouncy castle, bull riding, carousel, a motor show of fancy cars as well as presentations of Thomas products and the company‘s production techology. The local Red Cross association showed how to put on bandages correctly and contributed with barbecued sausages and fries to the wide variety of food. The volunteer fire department organized water games for the delighted kids. More over, they were a big support as parking attendants on that day.
To connect the older with the new company site, a motorized small train drove up and down.
For the official opening ceremony of the Innomotion Park 2 hall, Thomas welcomed Dr. Volker Wissing (Minister of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Wine of Rhineland-Palatine) and some mayors of the region. A heartfelt thanks to the numerous helpers who made it possible for everyone to enjoy a truly wonderful day!

Fun times on the bouncing castle
Thomas products inside!
Water games of the volunteer fire department
Thomas motorized train
Official opening ceremony of the Innomotion Park 2 hall